Founder And Chairman GS Televisionn
Bishop Paulus Masih is a humble man of God. God called him 1996 to serve in Ministry as an Evangelist and Missionarry in Pakistan. He did Missionarry work all over Pakistan built many Congregatins and Churches. God delivered thousands and thousands people spiritually and physicaly through Bishop Paulus Masih and gave them eternal Hope in Jesus. God then took him to United States of America to serve in Ministry as an Evangelist and Missionarry and after few years God called him back to Pakistan and Middle East to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations and lost Souls God gave him a Vision to start Christian Sattelite Television named Good Shepherd Television to reach unreached many Nations in the region and Millions of people through this Christian Television Ministry as it is possible through Technology todayand as there are many areas that are very difficult to reach physically for many reasons. God has given him Vision to work in many areas of Ministry as well along with Christian TelevisionMinistry for the strength and growth of the body of Christ and the betterment of human being. Bishop Paulus Masih is serving the Lord Jesus Christ with his wife Farzana Paulus and 4 kids 2 Boys and 2 Girls